Jim Ellis — Biography

James H. Ellis III– Biography

Jim Ellis has over thirty years of representing local and regional governments in project management, personnel issues and compliance with state and federal laws.  Through this experience he learned how to let managers at the City do their jobs, while overseeing management of the City and making the most difficult decisions when necessary.   In particular, he learned how to work with others in effectively managing budgets where revenues are limited.

Jim’s broad experience in representing community groups and working in leadership positions within these groups allows him to appreciate how the City can work cooperatively with these groups on projects that benefit our community.

Jim’s degree in tax law, his many years of experience in this field and his role as a teacher of business law for many years, at Terra State Community College and Tiffin University, allows him to deal successfully with complex administrative and financial issues.

As a co-owner and General Counsel of a successful medical technology business for over 20 years and partner in two well regarded law firms in Toledo and San Diego, Jim developed a working understanding of the issues facing a wide variety of businesses.

Finally, as Mayor of Fremont Jim has successfully worked to guide the City through one of the most challenging eras in its history.